Scrap Materials & Recycle Products

Auto Global Enterprise offers a wide variety of materials in many forms. Please contact us for more details.

Plastic Scrap

ABS Plastic
Acetal Plastic
Acrylic Plastic
CA Plastic
CAB Plastic
Cellulosic Plastic
EPS Plastic
EVA Plastic
GPPS Plastic
HDPE Plastic
HIPS Plastic
LCP Plastic
LDPE Plastic
LLDPE Plastic
Nylon Plastic
OPP Plastic
OPS Plastic
PB Plastic
PBT Plastic
PC Plastic
PC-ABS Plastic
PE Plastic
PEEK Plastic
PEI Plastic
PET Plastic
PETG Plastic
Polyester Plastic
Polyketone Plastic
Polysulfone Plastic
PP Plastic
PVDF Plastic
PPE Plastic
PPS Plastic
PS Plastic
PTFE Plastic
PVC Plastic
SAN Plastic
TPE Plastic
TPO Plastic
TPU Plastic
Mixed Plastic

All these plastic scrap materials can be in any colors and form.



Ferrous Metal Scrap

Mild Steel 

High Speed Steel

Stainless Steel

High Tensile Steel

High Carbon Steel

Medium Carbon Steel 

Cast Iron

Non Ferrous Metal Scrap








Gilding metal

Paper Scrap

Mixed Paper

Kraft paper


Carton Box

Tetra pack



eWaste Scrap

Mixed Electronic Waste

Computers (Desktop & Laptop)

Computer Scrap

Monitors (LCD & CRT)

Motherboards & Processors

Graphic Cards & Other Accessories

Memory (HDD, RAM, Flash)

Circuit boards

Copiers & Printers

Fax Machines



Whole Scrap Cars

Pressed Scrap Cars

Pressed and Bundled Scrap Cars

Cubed Scrap Cars

Auto Parts Scrap

Catalytic Converter Scrap

Drained Car Battery Scrap

Scrap Wheels