Car and Parts Scrap

Auto Global Enterprise has a large network of Auto Recyclers and is able to provide Car Scrap in any form requested by the buyer. We make sure all scrap vehicles are consistent with following specifications:

Removed items:

AC Refrigerant

Pressed Scrap Cars

Airbags (Removed or Deployed)


Fire Extinguisher

Pressure Vessel

Liquids: Fuel, Oil, Coolant, Break Fluid, Water

Wheels & Tires

Domestic Waste, Soil, Foreign Objects

Some Body / Engine / Transmission / Interior / Electronics Parts

Scrap Contents

Not Radioactive

No Weapons (Ammunition, Explosives, Other Military Products)

No Hazardous Waste Materials

No Asbestos Content

No Sealed Containers

No Dangerous Waste

No PCB Waste

Pressed Crap Cars


We Buy and Sell following:

Whole Scrap Cars

Pressed Scrap Cars

Pressed and Bundled Scrap Cars

Cubed Scrap Cars

Auto Parts Scrap

Catalytic Converter Scrap

Drained Car Battery Scrap

Scrap Wheels 

Pressed Scrap Car